Blockchain Mainstreaming

By combining regulatory compliant, identified peer-to-peer transactions with non-financial communities, we stand to ignite initiatives that liberate the disruptive potential of the blockchain, initiatives that will reshape transaction fabrics as we know them.


Blockchain technology is in essence, an internet transaction layer that enables execution of civil and economic transactions without referencing intermediaries.


Core to blockchain innovation is the principle of “visible verification” of transactions, across a disparate network of verifiers that remove reliance on centralized verifiers.


As a consequence of the principle of “visible verification” of anonymized data, blockchain technology has been prevented from reaching its true disruptive potential.


With the advent of cryptographic determination of confidential data, we are at a tipping point, where identified participants can confidentially contribute to a common transaction fabric.


By combining regulatory compliant, identified peer to peer transactions with non-financial communities, we stand to ignite initiatives that liberate the disruptive potential of the blockchain, initiatives that will reshape transaction fabrics as we know them.

thinkingactive Consulting

With three years dedicated to commercial and technical research into blockchain mainstreaming, our focus is on assisting organisations keen to facilitate innovative customer programs, mutually beneficial services that drive adoption and motivate acceptance and use of the intended value proposition.


thinkingactive represents thoughtful insight into commercial adoption, technical triggers and the application design required to trip widespread adoption.


Our clients are focused on community engagement, where incentivized user engagement earns insightful loyalty, improved margins and innovative services.


Our focus is on common transaction fabrics, confidential coexistence, decentralized governance, scale, compliance and security.


Service customisation, concentrates on service objectives, adoption, ease of use, behavioral adjustment, sustainable use and intuitive UX (user experience).


Extensive experience in change management, system integration, bespoke software development and product development, clients have included UBS, EDS, BHP, DOW, Dupont, ANZ, SunCorp, Sun Microsystems and many others.

Technology Fundamentals

We approach blockchain technology with a history of implementing business and product platforms. From the outset we have been driven by the potential of identity based, intermediary free services and yet held back by Satoshi’s commitment to anonymity.


We are committed supporters of open source platforms that have widespread developer buy-in. Our combined focus prioritizes sustainable investment, long term viability and technical innovation.


We believe strongly in Ethereum's implementation of smart contracts as an underpinning to the mainstream projects of the Linux Foundation, Microsoft, Intel and IBM.


Our core technical focus is currently on modularity, documentation, community support, confidentiality, performance, interoperability, scale and hardware enhanced solutions.


Development methodology is driven by Agile oversight where we have extensive experience across a wide range of mission critical projects, inclusive of cryptographic security, banking and payments.

Blockchain Principles

Assessing blockchain technology and associated applications requires a checklist of "must haves" prior to embarking on the arduous journey of understanding the merits and shortcomings of various blockchain designs.


Because virtually all applications require identified participants.


Businesses will not accept that their data may be visible to competitors.


Authenticated funds transfer is essential support for blockchain mainstreaming.

Ease of Use

Users demand instant intuitive recognition of purpose and operation.


Decentralized, agnostic governance is critical to global inclusion.


Regulations are designed to protect society, they cannot be ignored.

Open Source

Imagination and innovation liberate potential.


Software investment must focus on the most commonly accepted code base.

Our Services

Change Management

Blockchain technology isn’t just an adjustment in the technology paradigm but also an upheaval for business execution and transaction processes, consequently all projects begin with an appreciation of organizational transformation and change management.

Our objective is to not only use our experience to further the implementation of blockchain initiatives but to also assist in expanding the mindset of executives, hitherto unfamiliar with the opportunities made possible by introducing peer to peer applications.


We use our insight into blockchain technologies to relate to a customer’s business and why, how and what would best suit the potential benefits.


Executive introduction and developer workshops are offered to assist in elevating executive imagination and developer innovation.


API’s, Application Interfaces and UX reflection form the majority of our development work, where we offer high value low cost services.

Blockchain (Shared)

We are believers in the future of shared chains that enable community adoption while protecting commercial and user privacy through confidential coexistence.

Blockchain (Private)

We actively encourage corporate and government organisations seeking to deploy permissioned chains that focus on registries, corporate transactions, IoT and trusted cross chain transactions.

Applications (custom)

All development is focused on getting customized services via mobile apps in front of users as early in the development life cycle as possible. Feedback loops are core to successful services.

Applications (idapps)

Core idapps (identity dependent applications) are designed to fast track customized application development and include transaction wallets, payments and incentive mechanisms.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience should represent the essence of acceptance and adoption, once applications begin to take shape our UX team focus on business goals, workflow and visual interaction.


We offer a comprehensive range of security services. covering, blockchain assessment & assurance, strategy & architecture, through to application deployment & ongoing management.


Core to user acceptance, is continual, iterative refinement. Having managed numerous, RAD, Agile and Scrum projects we approach iterative projects with conviction and experience.

Our Team

We are committed professionals focused on realising the potential of blockchain
technology both on economic and civil behavior.

Strategic Adviser Commercial

John Underwood / Direction

Strategic Adviser Synergies

Gerrit Heyns / Relationships

Strategic Adviser Architecture

Paul Neilson / Blockchain

Strategic Adviser New Services

Marx Vox / Business Drivers

Key Adviser Transformation

Susan Shing / Consulting

Key Adviser UX

Nigel Gardiner / Usage

Key Adviser Integration

Peter Davis / Partners



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